• Rage

    James Wilkinson

    Brand Ambassador of Circa eSports. Besides being apart of the management team in Circa eSports I am also a student at UCF pursuing a degree in Computer Science and a full time employee at Toys R Us. I love to program in my free time and expand my knowledge in programming as much as possible. Other than programming, I also enjoy playing computer games like League of Legends, CSGO, H1Z1 and more. The list goes on forever. Remember if you have any Circa related questions feel free to email me at and if you have any personal questions you can reach me via Twitter....Read More

  • Bearrick

    Jerrick Clarington

    Hello there! My name is Jerrick Clarington. I am 25 years old disabled veteran from the U.S Army, I have always been an avid gamers since I was young, I've always been one to be competitive and constantly used to strive to beat my siblings in Mortal Kombat, and Street fighter when we were younger. This competitive streak pushed forward more when I got a hold of call of duty and began competing locally, I never got into being a competitive player at a young age and instead chose to enlist in the Military following my families footsteps in keeping the tradition of serving going for multiple generations. After getting out of the military I went back to my love of FPS games for a short time before also returning to fighting games! I joined Circa around June 2015 as a content creator and began to work my way up before finally taking the position of Youtube Content Manager. My number one goal with being in the org is to create a family of content creators, people who love video games and who love making videos to come together and constantly support each other!...Read More

  • Aphex

    Steven Lopez

    Youtube Content-Creator for CircaeSports / Streamer / Machinima Partner / Competitive Killer Instinct Player. ...Read More

  • Andy

    Rashad Anderson

    YouTube Manager for CircaeSports. Anime, Bomberman, FGC, Marvel, Mechs and Nintendo are life...Read More