Content Creators

Content Creators
  • poKevSim

    Kevin Simon

    Streamer and YouTuber. I play the Nuzlocke challenge for Pokémon! I'm also a scrublord at Smash but I have fun. ...Read More

  • BlazenMikay

    Michael Marcelino

    ...Read More

  • 0ree0

    River Phillips

    ...Read More

  • ComicaL

    Joshua Harper

    Hello! My name is Josh, aka ComicaL, and I have had both a passion for gaming, and esports for a very long time. Starting out, I have played competitive Call of Duty for almost four years and along the way, I have developed a love for live streaming and creating YouTube content. I have been good friends with Gazer since the Black Ops II days, and have seen him become the C.O,O. of Circa that you know him as. I am very excited to now join him as a member of Circa and hope to bring a certain level of fun and passion for gaming with me!...Read More

  • MacNcheeseP1z

    MacNcheeseP1z has been streaming on Twitch since October 2015. Video games have been her passion since she was little, Her grandma taught her how to read by the prompts on Zelda and Mario. While, Mac isn't good at games, she finds joy in trying to git gud and laughs at her trials and errors. You can find her week days on the Circa Channel, Stop by and say hi!...Read More

  • Circa | Hermit

    Derick Giroux

    Born entertainer. Theatre trained actor. Smash 4 player & Commentator. And the occasional streamer :)...Read More

  • 8bit

    Tanner Garrett

    Hey guys I am 8bit. I am a Smash4 competitor, and retro gaming enthusiast, and a lively guys that loves streaming....Read More