Circa eSports enters CSGO

Mon 13th Feb 2017 - 10:00pm : Business

Circa eSports is excited to announce the newest acquisition to our family. After careful consideration, Circa eSports have decided to pick up an ESEA Main team. The team is led by captain pfitter and consists of veteran player and in game leader stENo along with highly talented prospects Robby, day, and sovve. The roster is a mix of skilled, young players and seasoned veterans that equates to a melting pot of raw talent and in game knowledge that will propel the team to success.

The team's youthful core, Robby, sovve, and day are not to be taken lightly. Sovve, who is the second in game leader and is a smart player whose role would be classified as the in game support. Robby, a 16-year-old phenom, may be playing his first season in Main, but he did yield a 121 ADR (average damage per round) in Open. And lastly, Day, a very talented Pug player (Pick Up Game), has won numerous RWS prizes on ESEA.

Our duo of veterans consists of captain pfitter and in game leader stENo. Pfitter is a knowledgeable player with four seasons of ESEA Main under his belt. Along with his experience, pfitter’s smarts and good aim help lead his team to success. On the other hand of the duo is stENo, who has played on such notable teams as SK Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, and most recently in Premier with EANIX.  


Speaking on behalf of Circa eSports, Chief Operating Officer, Gazer had this to say about the new team, “We believe that this acquisition can benefit both parties. We like our chances on making playoffs this season, the guys just need to continue practicing and I believe they will be seeing some great success alongside us!


Be sure to follow our new players and show them some support as they prepare for the upcoming season ahead!


Twitter - @Circa_pfitter


Twitter - @Circa_stENoOo


Twitter - @Circa_day


Twitter - @Circa_sovve


Twitter - @Circa_Robby





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