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Combo Breaker was really exciting this weekend, and a lot of people who attended E League had to leave on Friday almost immediately the next day for the event. LPN came as well and he did pretty well during prelims only really losing to Sabin in the first part of pools but wasn't able to pull out of the latter half of pools. Gamerbee also attended Combo Breaker but apparently he didn't make it out of pools either, which is rather unfortunate. The unfortunate thing is that LPN had very little screen time so there isn't much to analyze as far as sets are concerned.
The streamed set was against Jokernaut. He did say in a tweet he wanted to go full Bison throughout the tournament but I guess he met a bad matchup down the road and wasn't able to win. Stuff like this does happen and most of the times we can't do anything about it. So let's talk about his game against Jokernaut. LPN played pretty aggressively for the first 2 rounds of the set and that won him the set in under a minute. In his second set, even though Jokernaut got some hits in but LPN's overall aggressive pressure was enough take down Jokernaut in set 2; Even so far as getting a perfect in his second round. Overall, LPN looked like he did pretty good in his pools games. So here's how he did in his overall run of pools.
Pools 1
LPN vs. Jokernaut 2-0 LPN vs. InVaZiOnAzN 2-0 LPn vs. Diablo Bison 2-0 TS Sabin vs. LPN 2-0 (lost)
Pools 2
LPN vs. FoodStamps 2-0 BananaJin vs. LPN 1-2 801Strider vs. LPN 2-0 (lost)

This past weekend at Combo Breaker 2017 in Chicago, IL, Circa’s Killer Instinct player “Nicky” put on a great performance and finished the tournament at 5th place. He went 7–2 over 9 sets and made it all the way to the Loser’s Bracket Quarter-Final in the Top 24.
Nicky opened the tournament with exciting pool matches against players like “Dylandroid”, “GrandPappyChris”, “Darkshotgun” and Xcel Esports’ “Amenty”; going 3–1 and advancing to the Top 24, looking to fight his way to the top through the Loser’s Bracket.
Going into the Top 24, Nicky definitely had a long road ahead to the finals. He started his Loser’s Bracket run with a 3–1 win over Elevate’s Josue “Grief” Herrera. He followed that up with a 3–0 victory over “RicoSuave”, a close 3–2 win over Almighty Kingdom’s “Menzo”, and a 3–1 win over Leshaun “YungTate” Tate. Nicky’s win over YungTate would send him into the Loser’s Quarter-Final to face off against Wheels. This match was probably one of the most intense matches of the tournament. Nicky comes out strong in the beginning, going up 2–0; and Wheels pulls the reverse sweep to win the Quarter-Final 3–2. The match was hard fought all the way through, and that loss placed Nicky at 5th for the tournament.
Nicky had a great showing overall at Combo Breaker. I asked Nicky how he felt about the tournament, and he was quoted as saying:
“ I felt very confident going into Top 8 of the tournament. I had a lot of bad match-ups that I had to fight through with my character, Mira. I made a few crucial mistakes playing against Wheels that cost me the tournament. I’ll be studying my replays very closely to make sure that never happens again.”
He knows that he is going to go back to the grind, and hopefully by the time the next Combo Breaker comes around, you’ll see Nicky taking 1st.

Christian “Forever King” Quiles, Injustice 2 player for Circa Esports, had a great showing at Combo Breaker 2017 in Chicago, IL. Forever King finished in 4th place out of 391 entrants, going 8–2 over 10 games in the tournament.
Forever King started his tournament run in the C1 Pool facing off against “Burritos”, winning the set cleanly 3–0. He would then go on to have 3 more 3–0 sets to secure his place in the Top 48 Winner’s Bracket against “Doza”, “CarlosOceano”, and “Daddydab32”. Forever King would look to take this 12–0 match momentum into the Top 48, in hopes to win the tournament.
Going in to the Top 48, Forever King knew he would not have nearly as easy of a time as his did in his pool matches. He started his Top 48 run against “MIT”, winning the set cleanly 3–0. He would go on to face Echo Fox’s “SonicFox” in the Winner’s Bracket Quarter-Final, losing the hard fought set 2–3, going down into the Loser’s Bracket to fight his way out.
He would start his Loser’s Bracket run against another Echo Fox player, “Scar”, winning the set 3–0 and moving on to face “KDZ”. He would be KDZ 3–0 and go on to face “Dragon” in the Loser’s Quarter-Final, where he would also win 3–0. It is in the Loser’s Semi-Final where Forever King would finally be eliminated, losing a well fought match against “Tekken Master” 0–3.
Overall, Forever King felt good about his showing at Combo Breaker 2017. When asked about his feeling on his performance, Forever King said:
“ I’m very happy with my performance, I wish I would have stuck to Black Adam more during Top 8 though. I also wish I made it up to “SonicFox” to get the run-back but it’ll have to wait until CEO!”

‚Äč“Mahvel Baybee!” Circa’s very own Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 player “Jibrill” excellently played his way into placing 3rd at Combo Breaker 2017 in Chicago, IL, this past weekend. Jibrill stormed his way at the start of his C1 Pool, not even dropping one game to any of his opponents. Jibrill’s winning streak helped pave the way for further defining 3-0 wins against notable competitors such as YLT|Cole and veteran InC|Flux. His next match against ChrisG was played with the upmost intensity from both players, however, Jibrill unfortunately lost to ChrisG in the Winner’s Finals 3-0. After this match, Jibrill was automatically sent to the Top 3 of Loser’s Finals, but did not allow himself to be setback by his set with ChrisG. Instead, Jibrill played his heart out against AHN|Not Enough Damage in the Loser’s Finals, just coming up a bit short against his opponent, in a 3-0 victory towards Not Enough Damage. Despite the outcomes of these two key matches, Jibrill yet again defined himself as a huge threat in the competitive scene for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by placing a very hard-earned and amazing 3rd place. Overall, Jibrill had an extremely spectacular performance at Combo Breaker, as he made waves by blowing through the opposition in almost every game of the tournament. We can only expect and hope for the best for Jibrill as he continues to dominate his opponents and accomplish more at his next outing for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
Jibrill’s performance in Street Fighter was also nothing short of how he did in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at Combo Breaker 2017, being able to place 33rd despite the difference of his time put toward Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 compared to Street Fighter V. At the start of Jibrill’s G2 Pool, he was able to begin with marvelous wins from players “DAYTRIPPER” and “FearSymphony”. Even with being sent to Loser’s Quarter-finals by “TrueLionHeart”, Jibrill maintained great composure of himself, being able to make an exhilarating run through the Loser’s Bracket, earning another three wins for the tournament before being eliminated by “JB” 5-1, granting him 33rd at Combo Breaker.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — Results

1. EG|NYChrisG
2. AHN-GB|Not Enough Damage
3. Circa|Jibrill
4. PG|RayRay
5. InC|Flux
5. Joey D
7. Unkn0wn
7. Staticalpha

Street Fighter 5 — Results

1. Liquid|NuckleDu
2. RB|Snake Eyez
3. PIE|Smug
4. Brian_F
5. FOX|Justin Wong
5. Scarz|Sako
7. SPY|Filipino Champ
7. EG|NYChrisG



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