SoCal Regionals: LPN finishes 49th in Street Fighter V

Thu 28th Sep 2017 - 3:34am Gaming

SoCal Regionals this weekend was a blast, and many people showed up including Smug, Justin Wong, PR-Balrog, and, of course, Circa's own LPN among others. Due to losing in pools
early, LPN was put into losers for top 64 which made his job much harder than usual. Despite a valiant effort, he was unable to pull out day 2 of pools. I managed to catch one of his games, so I'll give you guys a brief analysis of what I saw.

LPN fought Javirog at the end of his pools sets. Javirog used Birdie against LPN's Bison. As usual, LPN uses aggressive tactics to test his opponent. However, after a bit of neutral,
Javi puts LPN in the corner and wins round one, and round two was quite similar with a repeat performance by Javi. LPN tried to use multiple Scissor Kicks to get Javi to break. However,
Javi did not break in his defense and managed to win. In round two of LPN's second set, he did manage to win off of a neutral jump, and round three had LPN coming back after having a rough start, tying the score at one game a piece. In his third set, LPN managed to win another close round after having won neutral a few times. Round two saw Javi win after more back and forth neutral. In the final round after multiple failed throw attempts by LPN, Javi used Turn Around Punch for 50% of LPN's life. This put LPN in top 64 of losers. I'll leave the scores below as usual.

LPN vs. Krow

LPN vs. Malsup2339

LPN vs. Javirog

LPN vs. Charlie

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