DreamHack Montreal 2017: LPN finishes 9th

Wed 13th Sep 2017 - 4:51pm Gaming

LPN at DreamHack Montreal 2017

DreamHack was a fairly big tournament this year sporting multiple games including Hearthstone, Starcraft II, Smash 4, Street Fighter V and many more. Many big names came out to this event including Filipino Champ, K-Brad and even NuckleDu. Of course, Circa's own LPN made an appearance as well. This tournament was surprisingly lax overall, and even having
Jakyo and Woolie from 2 Best Friends commentating on the stream on at least two occasions. Let's have a look at LPN's scores and sets throughout the course of the event.

Right off the bat in pre-lims, LPN sports a very dominant victory against steeliestadam's Ibuki. Unlike many of the other times I've covered LPN's intial pre-lim games, adam seemed to give LPN a run for his money in neutral playing fairly aggressively against him early on. Despite that, LPN manages to come back from being fairly behind and clutching out a win in round one. In round two, by baiting and exercising some spatial control against adam, LPN manages to come out on top and winning a dominant 2-0 victory in the set. In his second set against adam, he maintained his consistant space control with his Bison and got his second win giving him a 2-0 lead and continuing into winners round 2. LPN's second set was against bakalid, who was playing Akuma. Again, LPN seems to have some trouble in round one in overcoming baka's pressure. However, in the upcoming rounds, he would adapt to bakalid's overall gameplan, coming out with a win in game two. Throughout the set, despite bakalid's pressure on LPN, he did eventually win through adaptation and consistancy. 

After losses to K-Brad and Sin in the top 16, LPN would finish 9th at DreamHack Montreal 2017


LPN vs. steeliestadam


LPN vs. Bakalid


LPN vs. TJ


LPN vs. K-Brad


LPN vs. STDX Sin


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