East Coast Throwdown 2017: Nicky's Injustice 2 game continues to improve

Tue 5th Sep 2017 - 3:03am : Gaming

East Coast Throwdown 2017 took place from September second through the third in Fairfield, New Jersey. It was another excellent outing for Circa eSports, with Forever King finishing ninth in Injustice 2, Joey Fury taking 13th in Tekken 7, and Nicky being crowned champion of the Killer Instinct tournament. While impressive, one of the more understated accomplishments for Circa is that Nicky has been consistently improving at Injustice 2 while dominating in Killer Instinct. 

Today, the esports industry is full of players who are talented in multiple games. While most tend to only go pro in one game of a given genre, pros in the fighting game community often flex their muscles across multiple titles simultaneously. Justin Wong, Xiao Hai, Poongko, and Chris G are just a few of the biggest names in the FGC that often place high in several games a tournament. Nicky's transition to Injustice 2 has brought with it a 33rd place finish at Absolute Battle 8 last month, and a 25th place finish last weekend at East Coast Throwdown.

Time will tell if Nicky will get to a point where he will join his teammate, Forever King, in the upper echelons of professional Injustice 2, but his current trajectory looks promising. His mechanics with Catwoman are razor-sharp, giving fans quite a show with one of the lesser-used characters in the game. We're excited at the prospect of having another quality Injustice 2 player represent Circa eSports, and look forward to Nicky's career as a multi-game pro. 



Damian Alonzo

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