Absolute Battle 8: JoeyD with a 4th place finish

Sat 2nd Sep 2017 - 10:43pm : Gaming

The top eight of the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament at Texas’ Absolute Battle 8 was full of Marvel royalty. With names like Justin Wong, Chris G, and Ryan LV fighting for the top spot, Circa’s own Joey “JoeyD” D’Alessandro took his classic team of Zero, Doctor Doom, and Vergil into battle against the best in the business. Once all was said and done, JoeyD would finish in fourth place after a couple of hard-fought, final-set matches against Ryan LV and PC Marvel God, though he did have a decisive shutout against Terry Bogard. Evil Geniuses’ Chris G was the champion of the Marvel tournament.


JoeyD was nothing if not confident in his matches, frequently taunting and teabagging his opponents to get the fans riled up. A true community hero, he was even shouting advice to Justin Wong from the audience at one point, according to the casters. When it comes to the FGC, Marvel has some of the most loyal and committed players in the world, and JoeyD is the living embodiment of that sentiment. Congratulations to JoeyD on advancing to fourth place at Absolute Battle 8, further solidifying Circa Esports as a name to be respected in the FGC.




Damian Alonzo

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