CEO Dreamland Recap

Tue 18th Apr 2017 - 10:40pm : Gaming

6WX had a pretty interesting run through CEO Dreamland's Smash 4 bracket. Even as far as going against ZeRo in winners top 48. But this might have been due to the some issues with seeding. Problems aside, 6WX had a fairly decent run through both winners and losers. His final set was against Samsora who was using Peach. A lot of what happened in neutral that accounted for his losses against Samsora were likely due to fatigue as he was playing a lot that day as well as little mistakes here and there that, most casters probably didn't pick up on or didn't notice, that would eventually accumulate to his loss in losers. His sets against CaptainZack in pools looked promising for top 48 where he faced off against ZD and won his set. However after beating ZD, his opponent was ZeRo. Despite a close game, 6WX ended up losing. After having lost against ZeRo, he went against Samsora and despite a valiant effort on his part, was unable to win his set against Samsora. Overall his winners run was quite well done despite all things. It is possible that 6WX would've made top 5 if circumstances were different and things were just a little different. It would've been nice to see 6WX against Dabuz or Nairo for Grands. A little unfortunate that his run was cut short but hopefully we'll see him do much better next time.



6WX vs. 7 2-1

6WX vs. Jade 2-0

6WX vs. Poyo 2-0

6WX vs. CaptainZack 2-0


Top 48

6WX vs. ZD 3-0

6WX vs. ZeRo 2-3

6WX vs. Samsora 2-3



Andrew Talbert

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