CEO 2016 Recap Day Three

Thu 30th Jun 2016 - 3:34am : Gaming

Two belts.






On day three of CEO, our remaining players are Anakin, LPN, Suicune Master, and Catfight.


Tekken’s top 8 gave Anakin a run for his money when he fell to Syntax, and Syntax sat in grand finals after defeating Anakin and Speedkicks. Anakin’s road to grands wasn’t easy. He ended up defeating Maknificent, KoDee, and Speedkicks all to get the runback against Syntax in grand finals. Grand finals was a story. Anakin ended up in losers, so he had to win two sets in a row to win..


And he did. In a nail biting set two, Anakin ended up winning the tournament.


During Street Fighter top 32, LPN ended up being eliminated from the tournament, sadly losing to Rylander after he got into top 32 from top 64 earlier.


Pokken is proving each tournament that it’s more hype than the last. Our players Suicune Master and Cat Fight both ended up breaking top 8, however Suicune Master made it further than Cat Fight. Cat Fight had a tough run to top 8 after being knocked down to losers bracket by Kino 2-0. Cat Fight went on to win sets against GO1-3151, Cloud, and got into top 8 after beating MastaStef, despite his efforts, he fell to Coach Steve in his first top 8 set 2-0. After winning pools, Suicune Master breezed through winners side, triumphing over Domin0,Coach Steve, Bim?, and NG Obscure before facing Teejay in grand finals, where he dropped his second game of the tournament, his first loss being Skywardwing, in pools.


Day three of CEO was amazing and we’re extremely proud of all of our players who attended and gave it their all. Congratulations to Suicune Master for winning Pokken against Teejay, and Anakin for winning Tekken against Syntax and making the two set comeback. We hope that EVO will be just as good as CEO, if not better.





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