CEO 2016 Recap Day Two

Thu 30th Jun 2016 - 3:32am Gaming

Hey eSports fans! We hope your weekend is going swell, because we know ours is, kicking off the day right with day two of CEO, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the summer! Unfortunately two out of our three smashers; AceStarThe3rd and 6WX were knocked out yesterday in quite possibly the biggest upset day Smash 4 has has in its lifespan. This still left Jtails to do some work in top 64, but despite his efforts, he fell to C3PO in winners side and then was eliminated by Saj. However, the majority of the Circa squad still lives to play another day.


Today, Nicky got top 8 in Killer Instinct after defeating Pink Diamond 3-1. Going into top 8, he faced a difficult path when defeated Fiyah Liger in a 3-0 sweep winner’s semis, but then fell 3-2 to Hollywood Sleep. When knocked down to loser’s finals, Nicky had to face Thompxson, which ended up in Nicky being defeated 3-0, and Thompxson moving on to grand finals on loser’s side against Hollywood Sleep, and Thompxson managed to win grand finals, taking set one 3-2, and set two 3-1.


Street Fighter V was riveting. Top 64 had some incredible intense matches, including some from our own LPN. LPN was staring straight up at a long staircase when he got knocked into loser’s side from pools. Fortunately, he started the day off defeating Coach Steve and ROM to get to Rylander. Top 32 continues tomorrow and we'll see if LPN can make it further into the bracket.


Anakin, to put it nicely, wrecked face in Tekken and we’re extremely proud of him and we can't wait to see what happens tomorrow, since he broke into top 6 when he defeated Tom Savage and Gandido.


During Mortal Kombat pools, Destroyer ended up getting third in his pool, being extremely close to breaking top 16, however fell short when he got the runback against Beyond Toxin in losers finals, who managed to best him previously in winners semis.


Finishing the day with Pokken, our players Catfight and Suicune Master started the day off clean with Suicune Master only losing one game and advancing to top 32 winners side, as well as Cat Fight advancing to top 32 winners side, losing no games in pools.


We sincerely wish you guys the best weekend, and we hope you’re enjoying CEO as much as we are.




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