CEO 2016 Recap Day one

Thu 30th Jun 2016 - 3:24am Gaming

Hey gamers, we hope your summer is going swell so far, because ours is kicking off right with CEO! Our players in attendance were our Pokken duo of Catfight and Suicune Master, our Smash 4 trio, Jtails, AceStarthe3rd, and 6WX, Street Fighter player LPN, our Killer Instinct player Nicky, Anakin playing Tekken, and Destroyer in Mortal Kombat X. However, today only Smash 4 was played.


To be frank, Smash 4 was probably the most intense it has been in its short time alive. There were so many upsets, which unfortunately included our players 6WX and AceStarthe3rd. Some of the bigger upsets were ZeRo losing to Prince Ramen, a Palutena player,


Our players ended up getting quite close to getting through pools, however Jtails only prevailed. Ace ended up getting to VoiD when he ran through J2, Snakeee, and Xaltis, however he fell to losers finals of his pool, losing to Xaltis in the runback.


6WX started off the day beating DemQts Armor and Shadels 2-0, but ended up falling to losers after losing to Real Ice, and 6WX was eliminated by Remzi.


Jtails ended up being the only one to make it into bracket, after winning his pool against Jade, the Bowser Jr player who upset Trela. Jtails went through 7,  Sells, and Josh, and finally Jade to win his pool.


We’re so excited for what’s in store tomorrow and we know you're in for a treat.





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